Glass furnace refractory applications trends

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For many years, melt-cast AZS furnace roofs have successfully undergone the test of cooling and reheating to enable them to use multiple operating cycles. There is now a bit of experience in successfully implementing the top cooling and reheating of fused-alumina roofs, which represent an economically viable life when they use two or more cycles of operation. The results of the observation of the fused alumina roof in service (thermal observation and shutdown observation) show that these materials are both chemically and mechanically stable. This is the first observational study of such masonry because there was neither a reference to fused alumina at the time nor the empirical basis for its application to the roof.

High-chromium refractory products in the past mainly used to enhance the glass furnace, and a small amount used in insulation glass pool furnace. High chrome bricks are increasingly being used in some soda lime glass furnaces. Its main use has not only been limited to all or part of the flow hole, but also to the end wall and, to a limited extent, the corner brick for the feed opening The high-chilled brick masonry cavity provides the potential for increased kiln life Because this material is at least twice as corrosive to most glasses as molten AZS bricks.

Glass Industry Refractory Materials

It has been several years since low-glass phase fused AZS refractories have been successfully used in molten pool superstructures on a limited basis. Pure oxygen combustion technology has led to its wider use in the superstructure of molten pools for two reasons: first, the low glass phase content leads to a low bleed out of the glass phase, which is higher than that of the traditional molten AZS brick Structure is more "dry." Second, the low glass phase content makes it more creep-resistant so that the normal operating temperature can be raised from 1600 ° C to 1650 ° C. This is more useful for the superstructure of the feed zone of a pure oxygen fired furnace where the molten AZS brick not only has the resistance to dust particles from the combustion air flow but also can withstand higher temperatures 1650 ℃. Molten pool wall tiles have recently been developed to improve the top (liquid line) anti-erosion properties of new varieties and has been in the field test. This pool wall brick utilizes a unique approach that controls the crystal structure of the liquid line section so that the brick has a much stronger erosion resistance at the liquid line than the standard fused AZS brick.

High zirconium fused wares (HZFC or fused zirconia) have been widely accepted as refractories in contact with glass for use in specific locations in certain high quality glass furnaces. The reasons for using the refractory of this kind of component vary from one glass type to another. Color TV picture tube screen glass is a serious erosion of HZFC but it is also used as a base and pool wall tile at the end of a melt pool flow hole because it significantly reduces glass defects such as knuckles, bubbles and stones . The corrosion resistance of fused zirconia refractories is not superior to that of molten AZS, but usually it suffices to maintain an entire kiln cycle. In this way, the use of HZFC in color picture tube screen glass cell furnaces can greatly improve the quality of the glass without reducing the life of the kiln.

Glass Industry Refractory Materials

The Shixing company is adopted on producing high quality Fused Cast AZS Block used in glass furnaces. Established to produce series of shaped blocks Fused Cast AZS-33# Block, Fused Cast AZS-36# Block and Fused Cast AZS-41# Block with annual production capacity 20,000 tons/year. New materials production zone is equipped with two high-temperature shuttle kilns, mainly producing Zircon Brick, Silica Brick, Magnesia Brick, etc.

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