The adhesion of refractories materials

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Thermal kilns and equipment require many specific shapes of refractory brick masonry. This requires a material that has some adhesion at both ambient and elevated temperatures. Usually we use refractory mud to achieve our goals. Silica, clay, high aluminum, magnesium refractory mud, at room temperature, through the intermolecular force, to achieve the bonding between refractory products. During high temperature use, ceramic bonding is generally achieved due to the sintering effect. In order to achieve ceramic bonding at lower temperatures, it is often necessary to add some sintering promoter in the slurry to sinter it in advance.

Recently, more and more composite adhesives are used. These include dextrin, silica sol, water glass, brine, refractory cement, leeches, resins, etc. at ambient room temperature, as well as chemical or other forms of bonding at moderate or elevated temperatures , To improve the strength of the material. In addition to most of the above-mentioned refractory materials have this feature, there are phosphoric acid, a variety of phosphate, polyphosphate, metaphosphate, sulfate, all kinds of ultrafine powder.

Glass Industry Refractory Materials

In addition, organic binders are also one of the most popular refractory binders currently available and include tar, resins, modified bitumens, and the like. These binders have good bond strength at room temperature and form a carbon bond network after high temperature.

Because of its complementarity to various properties, organic binders are rapidly expanding and deepening their research because of their carbon residue is conducive to the high temperature performance of refractory materials.

Glass Industry Refractory Materials

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