What requirements should refractories meet?

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Refractory materials used in a variety of high temperature equipment, which is subject to physical and chemical erosion and mechanical damage under high temperature conditions, the performance of refractory materials should meet the following requirements:

1, high refractoriness Modern metallurgy furnace and other industrial furnace heating temperature are generally between 1000 ~ 1800 ℃. Refractory materials should have a low melting temperature at high temperatures.

Glass Industry Refractory Materials

2, high temperature structural strength should be large. Refractory should not only have a higher melting temperature, but also should have under the load of the furnace masonry or other mechanical vibration, without softening deformation and collapse.

3, thermal stability is better. Metallurgical furnaces and other industrial kilns in the operation process due to sudden changes in temperature refractory parts of the uneven temperature, there will be stress inside the masonry and fission and spalling of the material. Therefore, refractory materials should have the ability to resist such damage.

4, strong slag resistance. Refractory materials in the use of the process, often by high temperature slag, metal and furnace dust chemical attack. Therefore, refractory materials must have the ability to resist erosion.

5, high temperature and volume stability. Refractory materials in the long-term high temperature use, the brick body will produce the volume contraction or expansion, resulting in the refractory brick damage. Therefore, refractory materials are required to be stable in volume at high temperature.

6, structured dimensions, tolerances should be small. Although the refractory brick masonry brick filled with refractory mud, but the density and intensity are worse than the refractory material in the drying process and easy to fall off, so the brick is the weak link masonry, easy to leak and erosion Therefore, the smaller the seam size, the smaller the better. Only the accurate dimensions can meet this requirement. Therefore, the refractory material can not have the defects of big distortion, lack of edge, notch, cave and crack, etc. Claim.

Glass Industry Refractory Materials

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