Refractories enterprises facing difficulties and countermeasures

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At present, the production environment of refractory materials is not optimistic. The main reason is that the products produced by high-temperature industries such as steel, nonferrous metals, glass and cement are in surplus. The market for refractory materials is reduced. The competition among similar enterprises in the industry is harsh. At the same time, Concerned that the financing difficulties, coupled with the difficulty of funds back to the production of enterprises has brought great difficulty, if we encounter several bad debts bad debts of users, enterprises will be difficult to survive. Thus, refractory companies how to survive and develop? Has become a topic of discussion in the industry.

In the current severe situation, refractories enterprises should also maintain a calm state of mind, to judge the situation with the new normal, pointed out that enterprises should face the problems and put forward countermeasures and suggestions:

First, the major enterprises, especially high-tech enterprises, should mainly focus on technological innovation, and give priority to considering the functionalization of refractory materials as a precondition, planning technical solutions for customers, and solving the energy-saving and environmental protection problems in their process or furnace equipment, and extending their use life.

Glass Industry Refractory Materials

The second is to recognize and see the adverse consequences brought by the severe competition of similar homogeneous enterprises to the enterprises and industries. With the leading products of coke oven silica brick, coal chemical industry with high-chrome brick, electrolytic silicon carbide with silicon carbide brick, cement kiln with the past of chromium-containing materials to the current spinel series of materials, ladle castable, heating Furnace castable series materials, the production of its own high-tech products to solve the user's key technical equipment problems, and equipment imported refractory configuration, instead of imported materials to promote technological progress, but the results of long-term competition everyone Not much money, low profit production. It is very necessary to conduct various exchanges and exchanges in various fields between refractory enterprises. Of course, such cooperation is voluntary. Competition is inevitable in the market and has made a contribution to society.

Third, in the current market situation, how to develop the business, is to enter or return temporarily suspended? All enterprises should be based on their own circumstances, depending on the degree of dependence on the market users of your products, according to the company's technology and equipment, management team, technical strength, capital strength and other aspects of a comprehensive choice.

Glass Industry Refractory Materials

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