Fused Cast Alumina Blocks

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Fused cast Alumina Block SX-1 Description:
Fused cast Alumina Block SX-1 is formed by the compact structure of alpha alumina and beta alumina crystals in a most ideal proportion which is approximately 50% and 50% respectively, where intertwined crystals of both materials result in a very dense structure. The product is characterized with dense structure and no contamination to glass. It is the ideal refractory materials for channels, spouts and working ends of floating glass furnace.

Fused Cast Alumina Blocks

Specifications and applications

Below 1350 ℃, it has excellent corrosion resistance against molten glass and great performance against contamination to molten glass, thus it is very suitable for paving blocks and fore-hearth channel blocks.

When in contact with molten glass, it barely produces any blistering or stones. So, alpha-beta alumina blocks may be widely used in working tank, feeder channels, superstructures and lipstone, etc.

In general, in soda-lime container furnaces alpha-beta alumina fused-cast is installed in the Alcove and channel areas, as alternative to AZS fused-cast for Alcoves and as alternative to AZS fused-cast, zirmul, sinter-alumina and other sinter refractories for channels.

In the float furnaces fused-cast alpha-beta alumina is widely installed in the glass contact (sidewall and pavers) from the waist through the refining area up to spout and lip included.

Fused Cast Alumina Blocks

Product Advantages

We are engaged in offering excellent quality Fused Cast α-β Alumina Channel Block to our valuable clients. Fused α-β alumina are popularly used as distributor channel block and forehearths channel blocks because of its strong resistance to glass corrosion and less pollution to glass quality. The competitive price is available for this Fused Cast α-β Alumina Channel Block.

Fused Cast Alumina Block Technical Data

Fused Cast Alumina Blocks

Fused cast Alumina Block SX-2 Technical Data

Fused Cast Alumina Blocks

Fused Cast Alumina Block SX-3

Fused cast alumina block SX-3 comprises of a majority of beta alumina crystals and a slight portion of alpha alumina crystals in compact structure. Moreover, the intersected texture of large ß-alumina ensures great dimensional stability and great resistance against spalling. Its property of base saturation enables a higher resistance to alkali vapor, thus it is characterized with excellent thermal shock resistance and does not form molten droplets. It is the best material for molten crown, port crown, feeder channel, etc.

Fused Cast Alumina Blocks

TY-H Alumina Block

Fused Cast Alumina Blocks

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